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Gayle Dowell

Little Bluestem Prairie Necklace with Carnelian

Little Bluestem Prairie Necklace with Carnelian

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The setting sun can be seen on the horizon of the prairie as it dips down to kiss the earth at its edge.  A carnelian agate gemstone that has a graduated coloring like the setting sun is the highlight of this piece.  The sun is still above the tips of the little bluestem that frames the setting sun as if to bid it "good night".

See specific details below:


Square cross is created from fine silver (99.9% pure silver). The hoop, jump rings, and chain necklace are solid sterling silver (92.5% silver).

Gemstone is carnelian agate.


Square cross measures approximately 1 1/4" square with the hoop, the length is 1 5/8".

Chain is 2.5mm ball chain at 18" length.

Gemstone is 10mm.

Care information

Your order will come with a polishing cloth to touch up your jewelry pieces. I oxidize (tarnish) and polish the highlights of most of my jewelry pieces to bring out the texture of the prairie grasses and wildflowers. This oxidation will come off if polished with the cloth. When polishing pieces, polish only the raised surfaces to keep the dark oxidation.

Don't wear jewelry while swimming in a chlorinated pool or hot tub. Be aware that your piece can be damaged by some physical activities.

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My Guarantee:

Each piece is made with care. If for any reason a purchase is not what you expected, please contact me for directions on a return. I do think you'll be pleased though.

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