The Bison Herd is Expanding!

The Bison Herd is Expanding!

As summer begins and spring comes to an end, I've been busily creating new bison babies.  I've added an Indiangrass textured bison necklace to the herd along with its matching earrings in studs or a new hoop dangle earring.  The hoop bison earrings really dance when worn.  In fact, I had a hard time getting them settled down for a recent photo shoot.  

Along with the Indiangrass, I also created the goldenrod textured bison in the hoop earring variety.  They have been the most popular of all the bison prairie jewelry I've created.


I've only created one pair of each so get yours corralled before they are gone.  If you do find the ones you want sold out, just send me an email at for a custom order.  Custom orders at the moment are taking about two weeks before shipping.  

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