A Symbol of Motherhood

A Symbol of Motherhood

I often watch the birds in spring find their nesting places and start to build their homes.  It's an instinct within them that carries on from one generation to the next.  It's a cyclical pattern that has been happening from the beginning of time. 

Motherhood in all forms is somewhat like this, although we humans it seems, learn to mother the hard way.  We watch other mothers care for their children and remember our own mothers love for us.  Sometimes we get it right, sometimes not.  It is a period in our lives to give and receive grace.  

There are also those who long to be mothers.  Their nests remain empty for extended periods or maybe for a lifetime.  It's a painful experience of dreams not fulfilled.  It's also a shared tear for children lost whatever the circumstance. 

I celebrate mothers and lament with those who long to be or once were.  This is a collection that celebrates as well as laments.  It's shared emotion.  It's watching the birds together in the spring.

This is the third year of creating a piece from my nest collection for Mother's Day.  The first year, I created one nest pendant.   


The second year, I created three pair of stud nest earrings.



This year, I created one nest pendant with three eggs all nestled in wrapped twigs in the middle of a nest of ticklegrass from the prairies of Kansas. 



The other is a simpler design and a bit smaller nest with the same three eggs.  I make them all different and only make them in the spring.  Keep an eye out for them sometime when you see the birds are building their nests.  These are always available first to my email subscribers before I share them with the public.  So far, they've always sold out before I can make them public.  If you're not signed-up, you can do so at the bottom of this page. Just scroll down past the comment section.  Please do come and watch the birds with me.


Each one unique to celebrate the unique mothers in our world.


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